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Black BBW photographer was too endowed
The guy wanted some pictures with his wife so he came to this studio. Shanice was working there and boy was she hot. A black BBW hottie, she had the booty and the rack to die for. She started tooking pictures of the guy and his wife and then she had to leave for work. She tried taking more pics of him but he couldn’t concentrate. Her boobs were just too gigantic. He said perhaps if he had seen them he would have gotten over them. But no luck here. He couldn’t keep his hands, mouth and then cock from these two perfectly huge mams. Well, what do you know, they ended up porking in the studio until the wife came back at BBW Secret!

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Big beautiful marriage counselor ruins marriage
This dude was so unhappy in his marriage he had to see a marriage counselor. Who turned out to be a deliciously plump hottie! Bad luck, because an obsession with bigger, softer women was the thing which has been ruining his marriage in the first place! Chemistry started working between them right away. Tension went sky high as the wife told Bibi they were having sexual problems. Sending her away under the pretext of some special treatment, Bibi put her hand on the guy’s raging boner… Soon he was boning that thick juicy ass like crazy! They spent a bit too much time doing it, and then the wife stormed in, pissed off like never before at BBW Secret!

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Black BBW secretary ruins engagement
That was supposed to be a busy day. The guy was getting engaged and his fiance to be visited him at work to sort out some details. Cookie, his secretary, a big, voluptuous black girl with a cute face and a mind-blowing body, looked exceptionally hot that day. Can you blame the guy who had a crush on her for years to hook up with her right in the office? Cookie turned out to be a total slut! Watch her bare her truly jaw-dropping chocolate-colored curves and ride the guy till he was sore. Then someone came around and oops – no more engagement at BBW Secret!

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BBW family friend goes to the kitchen
You could say introducing your long-time BBW crush to your wife was a horrible idea. But at least this dude could see Dani more often without worries! Well, here’s something he could worry about – in retrospective. Dani was at their place, they were watching the telly and then she went to the kitchen to get more coffee. The guy got into some horny daze, followed Dani and started feeling her up in the kitchen. The big, beautiful, stocking-wearing blonde responded, and responded so damn well! Soon her enormous jugs were fully glazed, and well, the guy’s marriage was in ruins at BBW Secret!

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Birthday gift for wife, cheating with a fattie
The wife had a birthday that day and the first guest to arrive was her bff Meoww. She was just as cute as her name and the husband had the hots for her for a long time. They started the party and there were sparks between Meoww and the hubby, all the way. Finally the wife left to get some stuff in the store and guess what, the two just started doing it. The guy was all over Meoww’s soft, sexy tits and belly. She sucked him off to full hardness and eagerly took his shaft from behind. Oh what an ass that was! They lost track of time, the wife got back, and Meoww was there, naked, with jizz on her enormous boobs at BBW Secret!

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Doing a hot fattie right in the video studio
The guy was supposed to take his wife out but still had some stuff to shoot in his video studio. She went to run some errands and then the model for the last shoot of the day came. Oh boy was she hot. It was Nicoletta, a large-breasted, huge-assed hottie who knew she was sexy and was working it. The guy lost his mind and ended up asking to see more of her. Well he saw more of her all right. She revealed her stunning rack and started sucking on his rock hard cock. Before he knew it he was already pounding his way through her mounds of flesh. Poor Nicoletta, she almost got her ass kicked by the wife at BBW Secret!

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She needed help and she got it all right
Peyton is a supremely hot and luscious blonde. She needed some help redecorating her apartment so her bff and her husband came around. The secret was that the guy had had a crush on her for ages! The wife left to buy some stuff and the two were alone and could start working. They started working all right. Both turned on by the situation the two just jumped all over each other. Peyton’s tiny black panties were gone and the guy was poking her tight meaty snatch as hard as he possibly could. Well, until his wife returned from the shop, that is at BBW Secret!

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Pool coach plays with a guy's stick
The wife was mad at the guy cause he had spent too much time in the pool hall already. Well, he told her there was a tournament coming and he was gonna practise and win a cash prize. She bought that and left. She had no idea the guy’s coach was a smoking hot BBW lady who was wearing no panties! After a couple shots he saw her gorgeously big and round ass barely covered by that tiny skirt, and he was done. In a minute she was on the pool table, getting humped and pounded. She ate his load to the last drop and heck, that’s when the wife came back at BBW Secret.

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